The Omni has landed! And we made the news!

This has been a great week for our lab! We soft launched the lab in the fall semester, but it has really been our recent grant from ITD at MTSU that is pushing us over the top for creating a truly collaborative, creative space to make immersive stories with the College of Media and Entertainment. The first piece of equipment to hit our doorstep was the Virtuix Omni, a donation from Magnopus. We spent the weekend putting her together and charging the shoes (yep, the shoes). Then Monday morning we hit the virtual ground running. Literally running! Students will discuss the affordances of immersion in the virtual and how the treadmill adds (or doesn’t) to the spaces they will later create. The excitement is palpable.

Right before our VR treadmill landed, Nashville News Channel 5 landed and did a quick interview of myself and a few students. We have recently established our Bachelor of Science in Interactive Media, and the immersive storytelling project is a large part of it. You can watch the interview below.

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